'Have you got any invisible ink?'

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'Certainly, sir. What colour would you like?'

Invisible means that you can't see it. So, anything that is invisible has no colour!


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I don't check it!

I don't get it!!!?
Please can some one help me?

Hi MissPyramidAmulet,

The man wants to buy invisible ink. 'Invisible' means that you can't see it, so it has no colour. 

The shop assistant asks him what colour he wants - but that's impossible, as it's invisible.

I hope that helps.


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

I don't understand

I do not understand

Hi KingFolk900,

If something is invisible it means that you can't see it, so it is a little silly when the woman asks him what colour ink he wants because he asked for invisible ink! 
Best wishes,

LearnEnglish Kids team

hahahahaha i get the joke haha :)

I am sorry but the person who posted it do not have to much imagination

I do not understand