Why do elephants paint their toenails red?

So they can hide in cherry trees!

The elephant's red toenails look like cherries! 


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because they can hide on the cherry trees and eat cherries

 because it's a wife of elephant, and her husband he love the toenails red.

because elephants eating an cherry!

it's  not  a  bad  joke    very     funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 so funny

Do elephants too have nail paints?

 I am sorry but I really don't get the joke.
The picture also makes me feel really confused.
Please, can anybody explain what this joke means to me.
I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you.

Dear VioletChinchillaStore,

Have you clicked on "Do you understand the joke? If not, click here."? If you click there, you will see an explanation to help you understand the joke. 

LearnEnglish Kids team

hahahaha yah go hide lol