What followed the dinosaur?

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Its tail!

Follow is similar to 'come after'. The normal answer to the question would be the animals or creatures that lived on Earth after the dinosaurs. 


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Umm I don't really understand the meaning of this joke at all, can anyone tell me?

Hi WowKangarooTree,

The question 'What followed the dinosaur?' makes us think of what came after dinosaurs in the history of the world. So the answer would be 'animals' or 'people'. But another way to think of the question is 'What comes after the dinosaur's body?' - it's tail.


I hope that helps.

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LearnEnglish Kids team

Thank you MissInternetEarth this is really helpful :)

good good good good hahahahahahahahaha

the t -rex eat the pretarodon

I cannot understand these jokes at all