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What do you do every day? Tell us about your daily routine!

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Submitted by MissBikePiano on Fri, 20/08/2021 - 09:43


hi my name is Ema Now i say my dilay roaten i wake up at 7;00 am i eating my breakfast at 7;15 i stared to online school at 8;00 i finished online school at 1;00pm i will get snooze at 1;12 pm i wake up after snooze 3;00 pm i watch TV with my family at 3;00pm i eating lunch at 3;30pm

Submitted by PaperBunnyJungle on Fri, 13/08/2021 - 11:26


Hi My name is Eva. At 6.30, I wake up. At 7.30, I go to online school. At 1.00, I finish my online school. At 1.10, I eat lunch. At 1.30, I do my homework. At 4.00, I finish my homework. At 4.04, I play LEG0. At 4.14, I finish my LEG0. At 4.24, I read books. At 6.00, I submit my homework. At 7.00 I eat dinner. At 7.20, I rest for a while. At 7.30, I brush my teeth. At 735, I say goodnight to my dad. At 8.00, I sleep. That's the end!

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