What's your family like? Listen to a song called What is a family? and sing along.


Who are the people in your family? Tell us about them!

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I don’t think that a robot is a part of a family

My family has 3 members mom dad and me

Let’s chat about it ok a robot is not part of a family

Hi I’m DJViolet900 let’s be friends any one let’s chat all together I come to learn English
Everyday I like to chat it’s cool isn’t it i love it and i like all the songs but I don’t like this one I spent most of my time here chatting join me I would love you to join me so it’s vary fun

I don’t really like the song

Blue pixie wand how send the link

Hi DJViolet900,


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Heeeeey ladycrystalkittan

mÿ fåmïly gràndmà ánd mÿ dãd ând möm i'm førtëęn my brōthēr fívêtëèn my family six familiy ^^

Hi PrincessMelonBanana,smiley


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