What's your family like? Listen to a song called What is a family? and sing along.


Who are the people in your family? Tell us about them!

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What is a photo frame?

Hi MissRockForest smiley,

A photo frame is a square or rectangle made of wood or plastic, with glass. You put a picture or photo in it then hang it on the wall or put it on your desk.

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I am seven. I am a student. My family has three people. They're my mom, my dad and me. My mom is a doctor. My dad is a engineer. We take care of
each other. My family is very happy. I love my family.

My family has 3 members. My mum, my dad and me. I'm an only child but I wish I had siblings. A robot can be a part of a family if this is something very important for you. In my opinion, a part of a family can be a pet or an important object for you, for example a bear or a doll.

my family have 5 people my dad,mom,me and two younger sisters. my family is very funny.my dad is 37 years old.my mom is 36 years old.i'm 8 years old . sisters is 6 years old.my dad name is Phong .my mom name is Thi .my name is Henry . and my two sisters name is Elsa and Elna .i love my family because they are very funny.

What funny things do they do? I wanted to know cause my family is funny too :-)

Nice song.
I love listening to Robot songs because the boy and girl who sings those songs have a very nice voice (OvO)

What does it mean if you are raised by your grandma or granddad?

I don't Know


Hi TopazXylophoneTonight,smiley

If you are raised by your grandma or granddad, it means that they take care of you while you are growing up.


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