Do you like writing stories? You can make a fairy story, a science fiction story or a horror story here!


What type of story did you make? What was the best part of your story?

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I like the science fiction and horror stories
I enjoy strange creatures.

l' like horror story because it is scary and l like story maker 2 about detective and this game is amazing!!!!!!

Wery cool game!!!

It was fun making lots of genres (catogries of stories etc.) of stories, but it was not very nice beucuse, I kept getting the same story all the time even if I kept changing the avatars. can the learnenglishkids team text in the comment section what the problem is? Thank you!

Hi PrincessVioletGrass,

Thanks for your comment. We're really happy that you enjoyed the game.

I'm afraid that it's because of the way the game is made - you can change characters etc but the story is always the same for each story type.

Have you tried Story Maker 2?  

There are some more stories there. Which story did you like best?


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

the game is not working please help

Hi DJGoldfishSeaweed!


Sorry it's not working for you. We've checked the game and it seems to work OK. Try using a different browser. Can you ask an adult to help you? If you still have a problem, please ask them to email us.


LearnEnglish Kids team