Adverbs of frequency

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Adverbs of frequency

We can use adverbs of frequency to say how often we do something.

I always go to the cinema at the weekend.
She usually has cereal for breakfast.
They sometimes watch TV in the evenings.
We never go to museums.

How to use them

Always means every time. Usually means most times. Sometimes means a small number of times. Never means no times.

She always practises the piano in the evenings. Every day!
We usually go to the park on Sundays. Most Sundays!
They sometimes make a cake. Just for special days!
He never forgets his homework. No times!

We usually put the adverb before the verb.

She always does her homework after school.
I usually have cereal for breakfast.

If the verb is to be, we put the adverb after the verb.

They are usually on holiday in July.
He is sometimes late for school.

To ask a question, use often or how often.

Does she play football often?
How often do you play computer games?

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