What did Kitty do at school today? Do you know how to use past simple endings? Watch the video and find out!


What did you do at school today? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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Hi MissInternetEarth,
Yes, I did enjoy the video, it is so enjoying me until I watched all of the video. Did you think that Kitty and her grand is beautiful?

Bye for now :)

Hi PrincessFashionRhythm,
I really like the grammar videos too, and I think that Kitty and her Gran are great!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team 

  well me too! :P

Hi MissInternetEarth,

Thanks for replying my comment. Did you like how Kitty's and her gran pronouns their words? In Malaysia people don't know how to speak english better as people in England,United Kingdom ( Great Britain ) and another country. Did you want to know where I can speak and pronouns english well....... By the way, I think not even just Kitty's and her gran great, I think your avatar is great too. 

Bye for now

it is very good to make communication with somebody


 i liked the video presentation .

i like it !!!

i dont like this video

its fuuny