Do you want to practise using will for future predictions in English?

Will – future predictions

We can use will to make predictions about the future.

I will be a teacher.
He'll travel around the world.
You won't have any problems.

How to use it

We can contract will, especially when we're speaking.

I'll live in a big city when I'm older.
She'll have lots of pets.

For negatives, use not. We usually contract will and not to make won't.

We will not drive normal cars. = We won't drive normal cars.
Children will not go to school in the future. = Children won't go to school in the future.

Use the infinitive without to after will and won't.

My friend will be a firefighter.
I won't forget my friends when I grow up.

For questions, change the order of will and the person.

Will you get married?
Where will she live?

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easy...i did this to prepare for a classtest, not sure if it will help

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The questions are easy so I got full marks.

this is easy peasy lemon squeezy i got 100%

I done it 100%.I Like it so much.That's very good. I will practice again will and won't

This exercise is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Anyone could do this.

it is easy