Do you want to practise using the present perfect for experiences in English?

Present perfect – experiences

We can use the present perfect to talk about experiences in our lives.

I've been to Indonesia.
She hasn't eaten sushi.
What countries have you visited?

How to use it

Use have or has and the third form (the past participle) of the verb.

We've ridden a horse.
My brother has met his favourite singer.

For negatives, use not or never.

They haven't been to a concert.
I've never seen an alien!

For questions, change the order of have or has and the person. We often use ever in questions.

Have you seen Big Ben? Yes, I have.
Has she ever climbed the Eiffel Tower? No, she hasn't.

Use the past simple to say when the experience was and to give extra information.

Have you ever been to Peru? (present perfect)
Yes, I went there two years ago. It was very interesting! (past simple)

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