Do you want to practise using prepositions of time in English?

Prepositions of time

We can use prepositions of time to say when things happen.

I was born in April.
He goes to the park on Saturdays.
She wakes up at 07.00.

How to use them

Use in before months and years, on before days and dates, and at before times.

in January / July / 2014
on Monday / Friday / 1 May
at 11.30 / 4 o'clock / half past two
She was born in 2008, on 12 June, at 7 o'clock.

We use on with special days and at with special times too.

on my birthday / New Year's Day / the last day of school
at midnight / bedtime / dinner time
At bedtime on Halloween we usually read a scary story!

We use in with parts of the day and at with night.

in the morning / afternoon / evening
at night
I don't like going to bed at night but I like getting up in the morning.

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