Do you want to practise using going to for plans in English?

Going to – plans

We can use going to to talk about our future plans.

I'm going to be a teacher when I'm older.
He's not going to play football anymore.
Are you going to buy a new T-shirt?

How to use it

Use am, is or are with going to and the infinitive.

I'm going to write my homework tonight.
They're going to watch a film this weekend.

For negatives, use not after am, is or are.

I'm not going to read that book.
He's not going to ride a bike. He isn't going to ride a bike.
They're not going to visit us. They aren't going to visit us.

For questions, change the order of am, is or are and the person.

Are you going to buy a new T-shirt? Yes, I am.
Is she going to have pizza for dinner? No, she isn't.
What are we going to do tonight?

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