Where's Tam going to go? Listen to the grammar chant and find out! Can you hear going to for plans in the chant?


What are you going to do tomorrow or at the weekend? Tell us your plans!

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It is holiday for me now so I will am studying, making meeting with friends, play and watch tv.

I am' going to do a project and my computer work . I am' going to a lesson.

I am going to school and do my homwork.

_watermelon:I'm going to,go to school,talk on the pone and do my homework.
_superwoman:I'm going to eat takeaway and do my homework. I'm going to train some sport.
-sweetgirl: I'm going to do gymnastics,watch TV and visit my grandparents.
-orange: I´m going to tall on the phone , watch a video, and do my homework.
-ninja: I'm going to train football, do my homework, and play videogames.
-melon: I'm going to talk on the phone ,do my homework and listen to the teacher

I`m going to go to school and do my homework. I`m going to go to a swimming lesson.