What do the children have to do at this school? Listen to the grammar chant and find out! Can you hear the imperatives in the chant?


What does your teacher tell you to do at school? What do your family tell you to do at home? Tell us about it!

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good. HAAAAAAA, I like grammar chants.

What we learned from this song was about not to shout at the class when your teacher isn`t there. You should never shout at a classroom or your house or somebody's house and whatever place you go. If you do bad deeds then bad deeds will come. If you do good deeds then good deeds will come. So you must never judge anyone or your parents and as we said earlier, bad deeds will come to you and good deeds will come to you.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.I like grammar chants.

When we shout in our class the teacher scolds us.

what am ı not doing
ı am doing everything

like school

My teacher tells me to be quiet at the lessons, and my parents tell me to not shout.

I like it I’m always good at the class room and you all!?

I didn’treally like this song

very good and i like is cartoon