Do you like teddy bears? Choose a bear to dress in this game!


What's your teddy bear wearing?

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My Brown Bear is wearing a nightcap, pyjama top, pyjama bottoms and blue socks and carrying a unicorn :)

My Rainbow Bear is wearing a crown, a woolly jumper, blue jeans and brown shoes and carrying a unicorn!

Hello! My panda bear is a sheriff. Is wearing a sun hat, a waistcoat, blue jeans and brown boots. He is carring a lasso.

hi i am jory i have fun

how to print ?

Hi RubyPuddingJuicesmiley,

I hope you enjoyed playing and dressing your own teddy. I'm afraid that there isn't the option of printing your teddy bear on this game.

Best wishes,
BluePixieWand laugh
LearnEnglish Kids team

it is cool but thats ..... DONT close : /

I love it! Is so cute!

I love this game!!!
My bear are very cute!!!
A balerina polar bear!!!

i can't print teddy dresser :(