Would you like to design your own superhero? Choose your hero and their superpowers in this game!


What's your hero like? What superpowers does he or she have?

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very funny,but so easy.good.

My hero's name is Donna! She was born in 08 of January (1996)! :-)

susan had.....
1.a mask
2.a cape
3.super socks
4.a wand

the game is lovely i have th lucy one to that i made about the game

I like you~

mine was called lucy i made another one called susan they had....
lucy had.....
                              1.a mask
                              2. a cape
                               3. super socks
                             4.medicune bottle

 My hero's name is my name Amina.

She has got:

  • ears
  • wings
  • super socks
  • heat-resistant pads
  • pendant

        She was born on 03/08/2003.Her hair is yellow. 

 His name is cooler!
He is strong and brave.
He can be animal.

He can call help any time. 

He is very cool!

hi . cute game ,my hero's name is power cat i love this game .

 this is a good game i like it 

what  a  interesting  game