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Lara and Marco were searching for the ancient kings' gold dagger. They had an ancient manuscript. After passing the volcano and leopard, they came to a tunnel.
The tunnel took them in a tomb. When they pushed open the tomb, they gasped. Lying before them, was the gold dagger. (shortened by ProfessorOtterClarinet)

i like the fairy tale story in Story Maker 1, and the detective one in Story Maker 2! Its an awesome game!!!!

Hello it's really useful

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I Love both, Story maker 1 and Story maker 2

in other words awesome

Hello, this is really fun but I found a mistake. There is a sentence that said "Sky's best friend was a unicorn". I thought it should be "an unicorn".

Hi PinkSunflowerKitty smiley,

Thank you for your question. Unicorn begins with the vowel 'u' but it sounds like 'yoo' so for this word we use 'a' not 'an'. It is the same with the word 'uniform'. We say - a uniform. Can you think of anymore?


Best wishes,
BluePixieWand (LearnEnglish Kids team)

I really like detective stories.