Ratty, the evil arch-villain, is trying to take over the world. Where is he? Can you crack the secret codes and find Ratty?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Write the English alphabet on a piece of paper, then write it backwards underneath so A = Z and B= Y. Now, write a message below in the code and we'll see if other children can crack the code.


Good luck code crackers! 


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i am sorry 4 u woodenriverwaterfall but sometimes i can not write a comment but in some games i can write comments.in zthis game i can write a comment.

Hi WoodenRiverWaterfall,

To put the letters in the text box, you need to click on the animal/letter pictures which are in the blue area at the bottom of the screen.

I hope that helps.


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

this game is easy

Very nice game!!! but you will need patience...
and also... I put "space" by mistake.... and could not delete it, so my level was ruined... it need to be fixed.

Dear PrincessSlideMermaid,


We're happy you like the game! Thank you for telling us about the problem. We will investigate it!


LearnEnglish Kids team

can somebody tell me how to play this game?

Hi SportyMoonstone200,

First look at the pictures in the boxes next to Spycat. Next, find the letters which go with the pictures by scrolling through the code (at the bottom in the blue space).

Click on a picture and the letter will appear. When you have found the sentence, click 'check'.

I hope that helps.


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

this game is so hard

How To Pass A Level ?

Hi CaptainSilverAardvark,


When you solve clues in the first level, you can click 'next level' to go to the next level!


LearnEnglish Kids team