Follow the monkey's instructions and think of a number. Magic Monkey will guess the number. How does he do it?

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Do you know any magic tricks? Tell us about them here!

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 Not so extrange. look at 9/18/27/36...
It's the same code!
No matter which number do you select, you will have a number just like 9/18/27...
That's the "secret "!
It's not very hard.
:)Chinese people is good at maths...

We did it! We found the trick.

The trick is: the sum of all the numbers is going to be ....

.....there it is!

Zé and Mike, Portugal

Note from MissLuckyMouse (editor) : You two are very, very clever! You know the secret of the Magic Monkey. Congratulations! Magic Monkey wants to keep his secret so I had to delete part of your comment!

Sorry  :(  Magic Monkey wants to keep his secret, but maybe you can work it out for yourself if you think really hard! (Editor)

These guys who know the secred please say it.

 I found the secret

I am Le Xuan Huong,from Vietnam.I know his secret. All the numbers that you can find...
Hi Le Xuan Huong. I'm Miss Lucky Mouse, one of the editors of the site. You are very very clever and you know the Magic Monkey's secret. Congratulations! 

I know how does he know!
When you get the sum, it's always a .....
MissLuckyMouse (editor) here:
Thank you SmileyPrincessT. You discovered the Monkey's secret but the Magic Monkey wants to keep his secret. Congratulations SmileyPrincessT! :)



Ha! Sometimes he can't do it.