Follow the monkey's instructions and think of a number. Magic Monkey will guess the number. How does he do it?

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he oveuly sees the card first

the monkey not do yo my think :))

it got mine 20 times in a row OMG

Dear MissLuckyMouse,
can you explain me how to play this game cause i really dont understand ......

Dear MissLuckyMouse and PrincessPixieDust,                                                                                                                                                               
I really need your explanation for this game for me and my sister. we both dont understand ... by the way i am very proud of this website . it is a great pleasure to have this website and it let me and my sister BlueRapPaper to improve our english.Thankyou for making this website ... :)

i will tell you its secret .  when you have to remember the symbol just move your cursor to any symbol .he will show you that symbol . but sometimes it will not work. got it?

Hi Princess White Jewel,

Thanks for writing. We're happy you like our site. Ok, you have to follow the monkey's instructions very carefully. First you must think of a number with 2 numbers, so choose a number between 10 and 99. Then you add the 2 numbers together so if your number is 42, you add 4 + 2 = 6. Ok? Then continue by following the instructions. Let me know if you understand it now.

Good luck! Miss Lucky Mouse.

He (monkey) can't  do my thing.

Its wery bad oww!