Follow the monkey's instructions and think of a number. Magic Monkey will guess the number. How does he do it?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online Ltd


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 It can not read my mind

its the best

it was wrong of all
the monkey can't read my mind
it was crazy and so bored 

woww it's fantastic

This game is A . M . A . Z . I . N . G !!!!!!!!!
How does the monkey read my mind ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am very very amazed on this magic Monkey,but i discovered the Monkey's secret.
The results  of the operation for every number with two digits is: 9 or 18 or 27 or other 9 multiple. So the magic Monkey  put the same image in all multiply of 9. For every number you choose it's sure it's the same image.
For every number you choise at any time he know the image he put for those numbers.
I am Imane from Algeria.

A very poor game

A very bad game

I know how they do it....
In the Monkeys eyes or something. The Eyes can feel what number we are looking at the most and when he has done that then he will put it on the card!
Soo easy, i meen you gues are soo small but!....mee......i am thirteen years old! So haha
I am born year 1999 :D