Follow the monkey's instructions and think of a number. Magic Monkey will guess the number. How does he do it?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online Ltd


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 thats freeky nobody reads my mind 

ahhhhhh creepy

i played a trick on the monkey i just kept on clicking the arrows and guess what it came up as a crocadile weird

hey this is amazing i have been useing my mums fone the calculator and the fone is saying the sum and the ansers and im seeing the picture on that card thing with all the anamals on im very very amazed how can that monkey read you mind and stuff like mayby monkeys are magic after all and this game is quite tricky somtimes but i love this game and no atully queentuneocion we dont click on them we just look then click the arrow that monkey is magic or he can see me threw the lap top and he sees me whisper with my mouth and he does it or he is cheating somehow and he must just be magic and reads evryones mind and he must of gon to school evryday and magicion school he is a real magiciton who agrees with me and i probely toulk me five muinets to write all of this because im quite a good tiper you see and im gonna go no because my fingers are getting tierd so bye bye xxxxshinyemerald90xxxxxx

that cpu work so computer see what you pick

He Cannot Read My Mind

you are right it can not read your mind

I know why because he knows you click on it then somehow he knows it!

 It magic how can the monkey read my mind it awesome i better tell my friends about it  : -)