Listen to the descriptions of different people. Can you find the right face?

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Average: 3.8 (1598 votes)


fun game!

I like the game.

I love this game

It was very funny and very very easy!!!^_^

Hello everyone!
The game was great. It was easy but also great. Thank you BCK!!!


Hello,I am new here.My name is MissRubyEnvironment and I like this game a lot but it's
so easy

Hi, nice game... but for the last person they say dark hair... and it's not dark on the right person to choose....

Hi PrincessSlideMermaid,

'Dark hair' could mean brown or black hair. They also say 'he had brown hair'. 

But I can see what you mean because some of the other men have darker hair than the correct one.

I hope you enjoyed the game anyway!


Best wishes


LearnEnglish Kids team