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Dear MissInternetEarth,

it was not imagination I really do on LearnEnglish Kids not that im trying to upset you its just that I do on LearnEnglish Kids OK!!!!

This game is brilliant


To DoctorBlueSki,

I agree i,m not really a boy i,m a girl it,s just it did not load to a girl so read it!!!!!!

Love popular girl

PS: popular girl is really MissCobraClown

My birthday is 5 september

hi PrincessSnowdrop10,

My birthday is on the 13th of january my friends the 1st of october i was born 2006 my friend was born 2005 but we still have it every year because if not all the people in the world would have it once ad not even know it because they were just born.



This game is super! I like this game. It's fun.


Dear DoctorBlueSki,

hi its mollie real name MissCobraClown call me mollie easy to type its my real name to!!!

love MissCobraClown

i like this game thas how i made my pictur cool