Which letter is it? Click on the right letter, but watch for the snake!

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Which animals do you prefer? Monkey or snake? Have you seen a monkey or a snake? Was it in the zoo or the wild?

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It is easy for me. The lucky monkey! I like this game.

I think it is for small kids!

Hi PrincessRhythmPurse,

If you'd like a more difficult game to practise using letters, you could try our Wordshake game. How many words can you make?


We've got lots of fun games for older kids. You could try one of these:



Have fun practising your English!


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LearnEnglish Kids team

It is very good and very easy!

It is very easy for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the game 

hello. it is very easy.

  • Hi am Kind Gem 9000
  • The easy is for small kids 
  • The medium is for normal kids
  • The hard is for big kids
  • And i coletted the easy, medium and hard is finish last is monkey eat the 3 bananas

It is very easy because it looks like small kids game.