School Run

Ali and Mia are late for school! Can you help them to run to school safely?


School Run has three levels. Run safely to pass each level. If you pass all three levels, you will win the game.

To avoid hazard items, press Z to jump and X to slide on your keyboard. On a phone or a tablet, use the jump and slide buttons.

Have fun! 

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Do you like this game? What were the best health items that you collected?

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Hi RockingPopGlitter,


Sorry you're having problems! We've checked the game on a MacBook Air and it seems to work OK. 


You might need to check your computer/device or browser settings. Please ask an adult to help you with this! If the adult needs more help, please ask them to email us.


LearnEnglish Kids team

Submitted by SportyTopaz500 on Sat, 11/04/2020 - 15:21

It quite difficult for me, I cannot get through level 3

Submitted by BluePianoBear on Mon, 06/04/2020 - 22:38

I like it but when the bees are in the hare you c”ant passe ender the bee

Submitted by QueenBlackOpal on Wed, 01/04/2020 - 12:55

Is a impossible game!

Submitted by BronzeDolphinRain on Tue, 31/03/2020 - 23:06

Hmmm...... A bit tedious really

Submitted by TurquoiseCreepyFlute on Sun, 08/03/2020 - 20:03

i love this game i rate it NOW PEOPLE RATE IT NOW

Submitted by GreyPinkPop on Wed, 26/02/2020 - 10:40

I think this game is quite hard too.

Submitted by GreyPinkPop on Wed, 26/02/2020 - 10:37

In reply to by HelloNeverSoftware

Hi,I am new. I think this game is quite good.

Submitted by MissSweet5 on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 08:31

I think this game is great but I also think this game is more harder than the -Fantasy run- TuT. ToT ÙÚ. UwU. OvO. IoI. -_- @_@. o......o

Submitted by HappyTeaSweater on Fri, 07/02/2020 - 11:49

I like to play this game .

Submitted by RedFlame6 on Mon, 20/01/2020 - 22:47

Its a really good game try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by CleverQuartz8000 on Wed, 09/10/2019 - 20:56

I can not jump please help

Hi CleverQuartz8000,

If you are playing on a computer, press Z to jump and X to slide.

If you are playing on a phone or a tablet, use the jump and slide symbols.

Have fun!


MissInternetEarth (LearnEnglish Kids team)

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