Qu'est-ce que tu portes aujourd'hui? Dis-nous quels habits tu portes en ce moment! Qui choisit tes vêtements? Tu reçois souvent de nouveaux habits?

Your Turn: Clothes
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Hi everybody! Today, I wear glasses, because I need glasses for read ( if I don't wear it, I have a headache..) . I wear also a longshoreman with a picture of a girl with a purple hair and who is listening to music, a light blue short with white points. I just wear white ( and a little beat dirty... ;p ) socks. Goodbye, and I hopethat you understtod what I said!!!

 Hello ! 

Today, i have a blue jeans, greys pull and black & white shoes ! ;)

 Today , I have a black Jeans , pink sweat and grey shoes 

hello! i wear a black pant and chocolat skirt

  •  I wear a red sweat, black pants and white shoes.

 I have a black training a red jacket 

I have blue trainers, i have blue haberdasher and grey socks.

hello  : i'm have  past blue and pulover , boots blak  jacket blak  glove blak

hello !
Today,I have blue jeans , I have blak jumper , I have grey T-shirt , I have white socks ,I have black trainers and I have black jacket.
I am Caroline

i have a blue jumper and i have blue and white jeans                                                        johan