Le premier avril

Au Royaume Uni, le premier avril s'appelle l'April fool's day. C'est un jour où les gens se jouent des tours pour s'amuser. Un tour est une sorte de blague. Tu aimes jouer des tours aux gens? Y a-t-il un jour similaire dans ton pays? Tu peux nous parler d'un tour que tu as déjà joué à quelqu'un?

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Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 07/07/2022 - 07:49


On April fools day my sister filled up a balloon with water and put it on my brothers chair and covered it with an old pillow then my brother actually didn't looked at the chair and sat on it. And SPLASH!!!! the water balloon exploded and my brother was so angry she hit my sister.It is funny. But not the part she hit my sister. I don't like playing triks on people because it might hurt their feelings. Also I like saying jokes to cheer people up.

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