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1. i like swiming in the deep end. 

1. i like cycling

 I like football because it is cool.

I like swimming

my father love tennis but my mother did not like it very much.

 I love Tennis,because I am training tennis!!..And Finaly Tennis is my favourite sport!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hello,I am FizzyPopWerewolf!!!!!I love Tennis so muchh!!!!!!!!!

Hello,I am PrincessPixieViolin!! I loove tennis soo muchh!!
Swimming is not too bad,but I think tennis is more interesting!!!!!

Acually i never seen fotball at tv,
but if i had seen some spots at tv it want be fotball!
Although i really like badmington, i love to play badmington!

I like Badminton and like watching it on T.V. too!!