Do you like playing games outside? Watch this video to learn how to play hopscotch!


Did you like this video? Do children play hopscotch where you live? Tell us about it!

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i like playing hops cot thanks for showing this vid :D

I think, that video was very good. Now I can play hopscotch!

I liked this video, it's was very funny, I don't play hopscotch with my friends, once I play it, but of a different way

ı play , they play in schools

I like this video now I can play with my friends.

I aldready know how to play hopscotch.
Wonderful regards PrincessVioletGrass

Wow I see how to play hopscotch.

Me too!! :)

I like play hopscotch very much

This is a good video and it's very simple.