Look at the problem page then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


Do you agree with the advice that Alex gives? What other advice would you give?

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Hi YellowUnicornJewel!


We're sorry to hear you have a problem sad


Alex always says that if you have a problem, you should tell an adult. Can you talk to your parents or a teacher? We think they will help you. Good luck!


LearnEnglish Kids team

if any one sees your password you shoud change it

Yes i agree and you shoud not write a mean message and if you get a mean message you shoud you shoud tell a adult. Bye by bu

i agree with alex too, Because Password is a dangerous in formation,That you Can't share even With your Closets friends, and if somebody say anything mean to you just ignore them, And go on your way and let them behind you.

I agree with Alex, if someone made mean comments, you should ignore it, so those people who try to hurt you cannot make it happened, Or you can reply:" Pardon, I don't get it." And if that person keeps make mean comments, you always replay you don't understand it, that person will lose interest in hurting you.

l agree with Alex!

What are agreeing for

I agree with Alex!

I agree ALEX!