Is it a good idea to give your real name on the internet? How can we stay safe online? Tell us your top online safety tips.

Your Turn: Internet safety
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No it isn’t a good idea to tell your real name
We mustn’t tell our passwords, and our real address,
most of all when we are children

i can play the game

do not talk to stranger on the internet

I like to play video games on the game console
it is so fun so i was happy and my parents said that I was a little bit addict to so that is how i enjoy it

Don't put any information about yourself on the internet. Don't share your password with anybody.Don't download a game without asking your parents first. Don't show what you look like on the internet. Don't share your address with anybody.


I think we need to not share any information about us

Some of this is one of Roblox's rules :V
*Don't online date
*Don't tell where you live
*Don't say your real name (At least when i say my real name on Roblox its filtered)
*Don't swear
*Don't show your face

Those are good rules about online safety LadyMoonlightCave.

*I mustn't open my camera to strange person.
*Imustn't share personal information on the internet.
*I mustn't click advertising we don't now.
*I must ask my parents before playing game on the internet.
*I must search information about only lessons.