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Have got

We can use have got to talk about our things, family members and parts of the body.

I have got a new phone.
He has got a sister.
They have got brown eyes.

How to use it

Use have for I, you, we and they. Use has for he, she and it. We can contract the verb, especially when we're speaking.

I have got long hair. = I've got long hair.
He has got a new computer game. = He's got a new computer game.
We have got a rabbit. = We've got a rabbit.

For negatives, use not after have or has.

They have not got a dog. = They haven't got a dog.
She has not got a bike. = She hasn't got a bike.

For questions, change the order of have or has and the person.

Have you got a skateboard? Yes, I have.
Has she got any pets? No, she hasn't.
What colour eyes have they got?

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