Watch Sam and Pam on a picnic with Ben, Tess, Mum and Dad. Can you hear the sounds 'h', 'b', 'f', 'l', 'j' and 'v'?


There were lots of words with 'h', 'b', 'f', 'l', 'j' and 'v' in this story. What was your favourite word? Do you know any other words with 'h', 'b', 'f', 'l', 'j' and 'v'? Write a comment and tell us!

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There were many 'h', 'b', 'f', 'l', 'j' and 'v' words in this story. Yes, there are many interesting words with 'h,' b ',' f ', l', 'j', 'and' v '
What was your favorite word? picnic, chicken and jelly are very interesting words

Do you know any other words with 'h', 'b', 'f', 'l', 'j' and 'v'? Almost not only, Best, fichs, look, hum and verbs

My name is: Claudia
Group: TPGA
GRADE: "1: A"

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the story was nice my, favorite word was picnic

Sam and Pam are kinda cute, I like the mini game :)

The video was funny and the game more than the video

It was a great video

Helo my name is Lily !

very good. i like isn't

Video is it very fantastic

my favorite word is jelly. it heard delicious