Play some word games to learn and practise Ancient Egypt vocabulary.


Are you interested in Ancient Egypt? What do you know about it? 

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I like ancient Egypt stories they are very interesting, I like Thoth <3

I like ancient Egypt's stories

Are you interested in Anciant Egypt?I most serenely am interested in Anciant Egypt,because they have great architecture and great mystory to be found like king Tutenkhuman he was cround king at a age of 9 and I am 9 so that is a bit coco!Any way I am in year 4 know and I am learning about Anciant Mesopotamia and in my class we read a book calls Varjak paw!!!

I got (100)!!!!!!!!Yes I did it!!!

yes i am a 100% :3

I am interested in learning about ancient egypt


I was very interested when I studied about this at shcool, I was specially interested on the religion and gods, like Ra, Anubis, Thot, Ammit, Osiris...

Me to!When I use to learn about it in year 3 but know I am in year 4 and I am learning about Anciant Mesopotamia.

i like Thoth