Look at the animal fact file then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


Which animals do you like? Tell us about animals in your country!

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My favourite animals are
~ham star
~panda and

My favourite animal is the wolf because is a very beautiful animal.

Im from Mexico and in my country are a lot of animals like: Foxes, Rabbits ,Farm animals, Sea animals, Desert animals and Forest animals.

What animals are in your country?

My favorite animal is Cheetah because it's fast. :)

I like cat.I am living in Romania.In the forest of Romania live wolves,bears,deer,hedgehogs.

I d'ont love cat

I also like and love cats!!!!

Acutally kangeroo is a type of mammal called a marsupial. They are a type of mammals that carry thier young in a pouch because they are born underdeveloped.

my favorite animal is cat. i have 14 cats. but now i just have 6 cats. My favorite cat's name is TUYAP. i also a cat lover

My favourite animal is a dog. It has 4 legs. beautiful wolf like features and it is very energetic . When I grow up I will keep a gorgeous pair of huskies