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Have you got a favourite festival? Tell us about it!

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My favorite festival is Labor Day, because it has longest holiday, we have less homework, and Mom and Dad take me out for fun.

Hi my name is vihari my favorite festival is holi
i am a hindu

I really like Eid and Muslims celebrate it

I love Chinese New Year

My favourite festival is Eid and Muslims celebrate it. Eid comes after Ramadan. Before Eid day at midnight all the girls go out for henna and it is called chand raat. On the first day of Eid everyone gets ready and then kids get money(eidi) from adults. On the second day of Eid people go out to meet their friends and family. On the third day of Eid people go to the malls and parks. I love Eid.

My favorite festival is Tet.In Tet festival we decorate our home with Sakura paper and Apricot paper. We make Banh Chung (Banh Chung is very yummy) .Children get lucky money. Like lucky money. At night we watch firework. Firework is very pretty.

What is tet?

Hi QueenFairyDrum
Tet is an important Holiday in Vietnam. It's like celebrating New Year .

i like this game

I love me birthday .