There are many ways of helping other people in your community, for example by volunteering, fundraising or donating. What do you do to help others?

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I help old people and cleaning up my house :D

i always donate my old toys and clothes.

I often donate my old toys and clothes for poor children. I also clean the local park.

 hi!  ClimbingMoonlight20

we are same

hi friends
i helping my dad and mom and i help my friends to

i donate my old clothes and toys to other poeple and I will like to take care of the animals. I help mu family members and I'm cleaning my rooom every day

I gave my old clothes, book, and sationary. I like to help others. I gave it to needy people. ^_^

Help my family menmbers and clean my own clothes and dontae millions of stuff to other Pooor people....

Hi everyone,
It's great to read about what you do to help people in your community.
Donating your old clothes and toys and helping old people are great ways to help others.
Well done!

Best wishes,
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