¿Tienes una mascota? De ser así, cuéntanos sobre ella. De no ser así, ¿te gustaría tener una mascota? ¿Cuáles animales piensas tú que serían las mejores mascotas?

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I love pets.
I have got a rabbit and a parrot.

Hello my name is Charlotte, I'am six years old. I have a dog. It name is Rayo. It is a dog.

Hello: My name´s Emily. I´m seven years old. I have three pets. Tohui, Estrella and Willy. They are my dogs. I love them.

Hello my name is Francisco. I have a pet . It's name is Morky, it is a turtle,it has three years with me. She doesn´t hair, but she has short tail and small paw.

Hello! I have a dog, and I would like to have a little cat.

Hello everybody!
I have a tortoise and two fish. I would  like to have a rabbit and a dog.  Could anyone tell me how to care them?

 I don't have any pets . But I love dogs.My favourite race is Mini pincher.