Do you help to tidy up your classroom at the end of the day? Listen to a song called Let's tidy up and sing along.


What's in your classroom? Tell us about it!

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There are a lot of things in my classroom such as table ,chair , books , a board, chalk and so on.

The end was really funny

My classroom was horrible and bad .
It wasn't even clean with dust every where .
Just a board and disks to sit.
We didn't like to go to school .

This song is about cleaning your house. You must clean the rubbish, clean your school bag and most importantly, do hard day work. It is a good deed for you to clean the room. And as people say this word, they say never give up! So you should never give up. So here are the important things you should do, Get up early morning, brush your teeth, rinse with cool water and clean up! Hope you followed this rule!

This song is cool ! :)

Music so cool

This song is cool, but in the end Ali doesnt have to close the door like that.

the games were awsome!

It is easy and useful and remember me when I read and play it