When I was one I couldn't run

What could this girl do when she was one, two and three? Listen to the grammar chant and find out! Can you hear the modals could and couldn't in the chant?


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When I was one I couldn't run

When I was one I couldn't run

I couldn't walk at all

I couldn't speak or say my name

But I could laugh and crawl.


When I was two what I could do

Was stand on my two feet

I could say a word or two

But I couldn't really speak.


When I was three my friends and I

Could sing the alphabet

We could recognise our names

But couldn't write them yet.


What could and couldn't you do when you were younger? Tell us about it!你小时候能做什么,不能做什么呢?别忘了给我们留言哦!

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good song, when I was five I could read, swim, write, walk, speak Tagalog and English, eat, draw, play with my toys, watch tv, do homework, and use an iPad

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