Play some word games to learn and practise more animal body parts vocabulary.


Can you describe an animal?

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Ithe humen is the smartest animal in the world. The humans made inventions that improved their lives. The humen can walk with two legs. They have five fingers and toes on each hand or foot. They have 1 nose, 2 eyes,1 mouth, 2 hands with 5 fingers each, 2 feet with 5 toes each. Now they are using devices and transportation. They are tring to make flying cars, AI and more inventions that will improve humans life.

The pink amazon dolphin is a sea mammal, it's very friendly, and it's in danger of extinction.

Giraffe has a long neck. It has brown spots all over its body. It has blue tongue. It is the tallest animal on land.

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Very helpful exercise for me. I like it! And it helped me to know more animal body parts.

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6/8 its OK i will try nobody is perfect! how about a bird well?
birds can fly they have wings , eyes ,beak , they have nostrils , they have feathers .
birds lay eggs