An enemy is attacking Zak and Zuri's village! Can you help them to run to save their village?


Do you like this game? What were the best health items that you collected?

Do you or your child need more help with your English?
Average: 4 (25 votes)


yes, because it is entertaining and interesting

I like this game, its very easy, my best items collected was spellbooks,capes, emeralds and sunstones

it is a very easy game and the few words it says are heard very well

If I liked it, the game is very good, the best items I collected were the diamonds.

Jesús Eduardo

Do you like this game? Yes, it is very painful to see. What were the best health items you collected? The mirror, the candle and the magic wand

2 hats,2wands,2cadles,2cauldrons
It Is very funny game

I liked this Game.The Best health items I collected were 1 butterfly and 3 worms.

Wendy Carol

The game is fun and entertaining, I liked it a lot.

yes,I have to take care of myself

hi all i have 430 points