An enemy is attacking Zak and Zuri's village! Can you help them to run to save their village?


Do you like this game? What were the best health items that you collected?

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It does not work when i play on tablet then the controlers disapear :(

Hi HelloHi600,


Sorry it's not working for you on a tablet! I've checked the game on my phone and it seems to work OK. Can you ask an adult to help you? Or can you ask an adult to write to us with more information about the problem and a screenshot?


LearnEnglish Kids team

it is the best game on britich consile

I think this game is more easier than “school run” and I like this game more than “school run” too ! !

I like to play this game

so-so game

Why I can’t control them? There’s no picture to let me control them?!

Hi LadyYellowTrumpet,

If you are playing on a computer, press Z to jump and X to slide.

If you are playing on a phone or a tablet, use the jump and slide symbols.

For all the game instructions, click 'How to play' before you start the game.

Have fun!


MissInternetEarth (LearnEnglish Kids team)

Good game.It's just FANTASTIC.