Look at the birthday party invitation then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


How do you celebrate birthdays? Tell us about it!

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i invite friends we play and eat

Sometimes I invite everyone I know and we have fun together!

I do my birthday at my house

On my birthday, my parents held at home. I only invite you few but they are very close to me and extremely funny. I received many presents from my parents and friends. Which is teddy bear, pen box, writing machine, ... I eat birthday cake, candy, fruits with you. We play together, very happy. That is the date that I will never forget

some time i ceiebreat somewhere i give invataiton to my friend . some come some not.

i do birthday at school.

Very good

Hi!Its Roshanak.
it was not bad.
I invite friends,we play,draw and watch cartoon.
we eat cake and i open presents.

i will receive many present in my birthday

I invite friends we play and eat