This traditional story is about finding a very special fish. Will Robert and his grandfather catch the magic fish? Watch and find out!

Narrated by Melvyn Hayes


Imagine you catch a magic fish. What happens when you touch it? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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This story is cool.

Very good story miss!

I want to have the magic fish! Because i want to be smart. At school I'm smart but not so smart so I want it!

I think that....................... I WELL BE CLEVERER THAN NOW => and.......... NO! I AM THE CLEVEREST GIRL IN THE TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =>

Nice story!

The boy in this story was very lucky, as he became the cleverest boy in the world.

Why can't I watch the story.? Why does it say connection error?

Hi LadyTrumpet400

You may need to update your version of Flash, as our videos use Flash. Can you ask an adult to help you?

If you still have problems, can you please ask an adult to email us?


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LearnEnglish Kids team

this story is great!