Do you know what cyberbullying is? Watch the video to find out what happened to Abbie.

When we talk about our group of friends we sometimes call it our 'circle of friends'. Listen to this poem about why we say a 'circle' of friends!

International Women's Day is all about girl power! Watch some girls and women giving their advice in this video.

¿Tienes un mejor amigo o amiga? ¿Cómo es él o ella? ¿Cuándo y en dónde se conocieron? ¿Por qué se llevan tan bien ustedes? ¿Alguna vez han discutido? Cuéntanos sobre tu mejor amigo o amiga.

Lots of people get bullied. Watch this video of kids talking about their experiences and what they think we can do to stop it happening.

Sometimes it's difficult to do the things you should. Listen to this poem about trying to be kind.

Do you have friends from other countries? Watch the video to find out about two friends who come from different places.

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