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The Dancing Princesses (Billy’s version)
There was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. They slept in twelve beds all in one room. The King saw the princesses’ shoes were broken. He made it known to all the land that whoever could find out where the princesses dance could marry one of the princesses.
After two days, a soldier went to the kingdom. He said to the king: “I can find out where the princesses dance.” The king said: “Are you sure you can?” The soldier said: “Yes. I can.” The king was very surprised. “You must be very careful. If you can’t find out where the princesses dance, I will cut off your head.” The soldier said: “Nonsense. I don’t believe you can cut off my head. I am a strong soldier, you know.”
The King was very angry, he said: “Guards, cut off his head.” “Go ahead.” said the soldier. After a while, the soldier’s head fell to the floor.
In the next ten years, nobody came to the king’s kingdom, not to say to find out where the princesses dance. Two more years passed, a three-year-old child came to the kingdom. He said to the king: “Hello, King. I know your daughters go to dance every evening. I can find out where they dance.” “Ha-ha-ha-ha,” The king laughed, “You are so small. I am sure you can’t do it.”
The child said: “You must believe me.” The king said: “Sure. You can try.”
In the evening, the little child went to the princesses’ room. He stood outside the door. He left the door open. He saw the princesses were having dinner. After dinner, they went into a tunnel, one by one. When the princesses all had gone into the tunnel, the child went into their room. Suddenly, the tunnel door closed. The little child thought there must be a code. He started to find out the code.
After five minutes, he found a strange code. They were some numbers. The child soon broke the code and the door opened. The child went down the tunnel carefully.
There was another door, but the door was open. The child ran out of the door. The child saw a beautiful tower. He saw the princesses dancing in the tower.
The child closed the door, so the princesses could never go back to their father’s kingdom. The child grew up in the tower. He became the king of the tower, and the twelve princesses all became his wives.
They lived happily in the tower for three thousand years.