When their boat sinks, the animal orchestra reach an island. Will they be able to escape?

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Imagine a desert island.

  • What's the name of your island?
  • What can you eat and drink on your island?
  • Is there anything to do there?


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It was a very awesome adventure.They lived on the island for a year.It was very long.

They lived there for 1 year?? 365 days are a lot of days.And My Island name would be Beauty Island there are a lot of plants and trees and flowers like a big garden.We could go fishing and swim and play with some toys like dolls.there are all types of food!! Welcome!

They stay 1 year in the island. 365 is high a number.

Really great

i like new Storys but this also

ship is die that titanic

theres no island or sea in nepal.

i ike listening stories like this one.

how good did they play the music

Hi! I'm QueenPlatinumSweet. they live in the island one year??? That's call a pirate story.